Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Growing for chewing gum

[posted by Nat]
This morning Benjamin and I went to Sam's Club (well, morning relatively speaking since these days it takes forever to get him to do anything, and we must have gotten to the store just before lunch—ah, the joys of "toddler time").

We went by a gumball machine and Benjamin wanted to take a closer look. He discovered that the lid came off (some kids must have been pilfering gumballs), so I quickly moved him away from it (he was in the shopping cart) and told him he could have gum "quand tu seras plus grand" (when you are bigger). He asked why (he asks why about 50 times a day now), and I tried to explain that it is something you need to chew and that you can't swallow it, and that he would need to learn not to swallow things (I still have to remind him to not swallow the water when he rinses his mouth after brushing his teeth). He seemed to accept this, but pointed out that he knows how to chew.

A couple of hours later we were playing at home, and I looked at him; he seemed visibly taller. I asked him, "Tu as grandi?" (You grew? You got bigger?). He looked at me with a little smile and replied "Oui, j'ai grandi! Je peux avoir du chewing gum maintenant?" (Yes, I've gotten bigger! Can I have chewing gum now?)

He's already a clever little (bigger) fellow.