Thursday, February 26, 2009

family seat

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Benjamin goes to a preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A week and a half ago, the head of the preschool told me that she thought Benjamin was bright enough and mature enough to move to the 3-year-old class, but that he'd need to be potty trained before he could graduate from the 2-year-old class. Benjamin's interest in the potty has waxed and waned for a long time, but he showed absolutely no interest in giving up his diapers.

Yesterday they moved him into the 3-year-old class. Yesterday we canceled our diaper subscription with Today was the first day I've taken him out on the town (a visit to the Discovery Museum in the morning and a park in the late afternoon) without spare diapers, a change of clothes, etc.

We even have a new "family seat" for the bathroom:

Family Seat

I can't believe how quick the transition was. He really wanted to move to the 3yo class. That was apparently sufficient motivation. He may not have been the oldest kid in the 2yo class, but he was certainly the tallest. He looked oldest. He's clearly the youngest in the 3yo class. We're very proud of him.

I've been proud of him at every major development — sitting up, crawling, standing, walking — but this was the first one to feel like it was "his" — like a decision and an act of will on his part. That changes the quality of my pride in his accomplishment.
- particularly proud papa

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turtle standard, early '09

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12 months old

21 months old

31 months old

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Welcome to the world Aidan!

[posted by Nat]

A belated welcome to Benjamin's new cousin (and our great-nephew!) Aidan,
born December 2008.